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Please ensure that you, your visitors and your tenants abide by the following rules.

If you need to discuss these matters further please contact

Communal Areas

Please help us to keep them tidy and clean by NOT carrying bikes through the hallways and keeping the common parts clear of any obstructions (boxes, shoes, pushchairs). Please properly secure your bin bags to prevent any spillage and damage to the carpet.


Residents are reminded removal must be strictly supervised at all times to prevent any damage to the communal area (paintwork, carpet, lights, doors, and stairwell) or the lifts. Residents MUST remind the removal company not to block access areas or lean or stack any boxes or furniture or indeed any other items against the walls. If there are any damages caused to any parts of the development during the removal, the residents (either tenant or leaseholder) will be liable for the damages.


Please keep all noise levels to a minimum so as not to cause annoyance to your neighbours and other residents, particularly between the hours of 11pm and 9am.

Refuse / Recycling

Large items are NOT to be disposed of in the bin stores or any other area of the development. They are for household refuse only.

All rubbish must be securely tied up in rubbish bags and placed directly into the bins provided.

TV Aerial / Satellite System

Residents who wish to use the communal satellite system need to contact AVUK directly to arrange connection.


Please note that the use of barbecues on terraces is strictly prohibited by the terms of your lease: Smoke and smells from barbecues constitute a nuisance to other residents; and more importantly, barbecues constitute an obvious and unacceptable fire risk in a development with so many wooden balconies.

Car Park

Parking is for residents only, residents must park in bays which are allocated to your property. The car park is not be used for any storage purposes. The car park is not be used for any purpose whatsoever other than parking private motor vehicles or motor cycles.

No commercial vehicles permitted on site.

Parking control is in operation around Priestley Court.

Speed Limit

The speed limit within The Heights is 10mph. This is a Health & Safety precaution for your own protection.

No Smoking Policy

It is against the law to smoke in any communal areas within the development. We would also ask the residents to be considerate when smoking on their balconies and not throw cigarette ends, they can create a fire hazard in landscaped areas and it is unpleasant for residents living below you.


Your security is important to us, may we ask residents not to leave doors propped open or ajar, please also be aware of who you are letting into the building , although holding doors is a courteous thing to do , this may not always be the case and you could potentially be opening the door to crime. Please be cautious.


Please be mindful of what you flush down the toilet cistern, sink or bath. No wipes, nappies, sanitary products or cooking fat should be disposed of this way as this can lead to blockages within the communal pipework.


Written permission is required from the management company for any pets to be kept on site, in accordance with the terms of the lease.


Structural changes within your property are not permitted without the consent of the freeholder. Please contact your Managing Agent for further details should you wish to make structural changes.

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